Sunday, May 7, 2006

SEABlogger is unpatriotic, relative claims

I received an e-mail last night (below) from a close relative. Apparently, he/she didn't like what I had to say on this blog.

I find it odd when people question my patriotism. One of the greatest freedoms we enjoy as Americans is the right to speak our minds. The same right applies to the person who sent me the e-mail.

I think the most patriotic thing an American can do -- when he disagree with a position, direction, or action -- is share their opinion. If I say nothing, than I am contributing to the problem or -- through my silence -- am complicit in their actions.

People who know me, know that I listen to all sides before forming my opinion and usually accept the will of the group. However, on moral questions, I do not waver. I cannot and will not.

Oddly, the e-mail writer assumes that I would enjoy living in China or Russian. However, I could not enjoy the same liberty I am exercising right now, here on this blog.

Further, if this relative truly loved me, he/she would accept me for who I am and not ask me to change to fit his/her ideal model or America.

Here's the e-mail I received last night:

I know you have issues but you are going to have to work thru them in your own mind. 
Of all things, be an American. That is the only thing that really counts. I spent over 20 years giving and sacrificing to this country. What have you given except for your different views on life? 
To be blunt: If you hate this country and it's lifestyle so much, why don't you leave? China will accept you. Russia will accept you. 
I am sure both countries have an attitude towards taking care of those who won't help themselves.
Here's a second e-mail I received today:
Maybe I was a little bit hard on you last night. Didn't mean to be. Love you like my own flesh and blood. 
Just wish you weren't so far away from mainstream in your views. Our views couldn't be further apart. That will keep us from ever being real close. 
That's a shame, but it's the way it is.

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