Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soccer madness coming to Seattle?

Anyone who has had the honor of seeing a professional soccer match in Europe knows that the fans take the event VERY seriously.

I had the luck of attending a game in Hamburg, Germany and found the security to be akin to a NYC airport after 9-11-01. Everyone goes through metal detectors, fans are funneled into a series of fenced off areas to observe the game. A line of police, some with vicious looking police dogs, line the field.

USA Today reports that the soccer madness may be coming to Seattle when the MLS expansion team Seattle Sounders FC makes its debut on Thursday. The newspaper quotes Drew Carey, comedian and part owner of the Sounders, who plans to have a marching band, Sound Wave, lead fans from a local park four blocks to Qwest Field for a game.

The idea came from fan representatives. The soccer club avidly solicits input from its fans like no other MLS team. Carey said that this will be the philosophy behind the club.

"Not only are we letting them burn down the castle, we're giving them pitchforks and torches to do it," Carey said.

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